You Are In A Landscape        
 Mixed Greens      
  April 26-May 26, 2007
2007, Versailles, shells, mirror, wood, 60” x 50” x 5” (detail)
 McMansions in I Love the Burbs                                                         
“. . . Repulsive but evocative is Lee Stoetzel's "McMansion 5," inspired by the American appetite for ever more humongous homes. In his McMansion series, he photographs miniature monstrosities that he builds from McDonald's food and packaging materials; . . .The house sits in dirt made from ground beef flecked with onion.”--- March 24, 2006    Suburbia Explored at the Katonah Museum of Art's 'I Love the Burbs'   
By GRACE GLUECK, The New York Times
2005, McMansion 2,  Lambda print, 27” x 62”
   at the West Collection at SEI, London, 2007                        
2004, Jeep, wood, steel frame, 72” x 55” x 132”